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A breakdown on the features this amazing system has
  • Powered by MT4

    Our TFA Sniper is fully compatible with everyone’s favourite MetaTrader 4 platform

  • 9 Time Frames

    We prefer to trade with not 1, nor 2, but 9 time frames combined to give us the most accurate trade entries

  • Intelligent Pending Orders

    The system constantly monitors and adjusts your pending orders based on their optimum entry levels and gets you out when big news events are coming or when spreads are too wide

  • Amazing Auto Trading

    After 17 months of coding to make the system calculate 1,188 variables every second and using professional-trader logic to filter and pick trades, we’ve successfully created the most powerful auto trading system in the world.

  • Directional Diamonds

    Amazing Directional Diamonds that shows you the momentum and direction of each of the 7 time frame and the overall time frame. Plus it shows you the daily fibonacci pivot points too.

  • Android/iPhone Push Notifications

    Get upcoming trade opportunities sent directly to your Android/iPhone so you can only start trading when the opportunity is perfect.

  • Advanced Fibonacci Levels

    We use an advanced version of fibonacci that proves to be unbelievably accurate

  • Clear Entry Zones

    Clear colour coded entry zones for you to time your long and short trades if you choose to trade manually

  • Auto Optimum Entry Calculation

    The system automatically calculates the best entry and stop loss levels for you based on (9 time frames x 11 directional diamonds x 12 fibonacci levels) 1,188 variables.

  • In-Built Trade Journal

    Automatically keep track of  your best traded pairs, strategies, time for trading and day for trading with our In-Built Trade Journal. This is crucial to being the very best trader you can be and to finally trade full-time.

  • In-Built Trade Manager

    Automatic calculation of lot sizes based on risk % per trade. Automatic take profit, stop loss, breakeven, spread & news warnings to remove any harmful emotions from trading.

  • Fully Customizable

    Have a flair for designing? Then customize the TFA Sniper’s colours to suit your style!


Due to the huge popularity of the TFA Sniper, registrations are now full.

Special requests can be made below but will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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Results Speak Louder Than Words

Happy Users
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1st Trading Style : The Full-Time Trader

Commitment level required : at least 8 hours a day
Pontus Lindberg From Sweden

Trader Name : Pontus Lindberg
Country : Sweden
Starting Capital : $1,580.97
Profits in 1 month : $2,126.69
Growth : 134%
Drawdown : 7%

Trading strategies used manually :

  • PT Scalping Strategy

Live Account Statement

2nd Trading Style : The Part-Time Trader

Commitment level required : at least 2 hours a day throughout

Trader Name : James Scarrow
Country : Canada
Starting Capital : $2834.62
Profits in 1 month : $1,654.95
Growth : 58%
Drawdown : <5%

Trading strategies used manually :

  • JT Scalping Strategy

Live Account Statement

3rd Trading Style : The No-Time Trader

Commitment level required : set and forget
Timothy Hughes

Trader Name : Timothy Hughes
Country : Australia
Starting Capital : $10,000
Profits over 6 month : $3,763.12
Growth : 37.63%
Drawdown : <5%

Trading strategies used on auto :

  • TT Scalping Strategy
  • FF Scalping Strategy
  • EZ Scalping Strategy

Live Account Statement

Backtested Results

Wonder how the system would have performed?
High Profit Factor | Low Drawdown | Tick-By-Tick Backtesting
EURUSD backtest 2014 to 2016
Stable Smooth Returns | 800+ Trades | 500+ Trading Days
EURUSD cumulative returns
Monte Carlo Analysis | Test Of Randomness | Test Of Robustness
EURUSD Monte Carlo Analysis


The world’s first advanced fibonacci waves that greatly increases your accuracy and profitability
TFA Advanced Fibonacci Waves for MT4
  • Powered by MT4 Charts

    Our TFA Advanced Fibonacci Waves works directly off any MT4 chart you can pull up

  • Multiple Time Frames

    Superimpose fibonacci waves from multiple time frames onto the chart to get an unbelievable confluence view of the market

  • Intelligently Adaptable

    The TFA Advanced Fibonacci Waves works on every time frame and all currency pairs, CFDs and precious metals

  • Advanced Fibonacci Waves

    First in its kind Fibonacci Waves that uses advanced fibonacci mathematics to ‘paint’ the market flow and identify key reversal levels

  • Pick Reversal Points

    Utilize the power of advanced fibonacci waves to pick accurate reversal points with tremendous accuracy

  • Flexible Customization

    Alter and tweak the colours of each fibonacci wave to your liking even activating the DZ/EZ zones if  you wish. Works well with other indicators especially the fibonacci pivot point indicator.


Due to the huge popularity of the TFA Sniper, registrations are now full.

Special requests can be made below but will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


See every currency pair like you’ve never seen them before
TFA Sonar Indicator for MT4
  • Powered by MT4 Charts

    The TFA Sonar works directly off any MT4 chart and on every single time frame

  • Multiple Time Frames

    The TFA Sonar draws its data from 9 different time frames and allows you to adapt it to any chart’s time frame based on your preference. This helps you make perfectly informed decisions.

  • Intelligently Adaptable

    The TFA Sonar is able to adapt to every currency pair and time frame it is placed on, although it works best on M1 and M5 charts.

  • Confluence In Motion

    Observe how the market ‘flows’ with every single blue/orange level indicating a level of confluence across all time frames.

  • Pick Reversal Points

    The TFA Sonar combines the power of the TFA Sniper and the Advanced Fibonacci Waves to help you pick fantastic reversal levels. Works particularly well on M1 and M5 charts.

  • Flexible Customization

    Adjust the TFA Sonar colours as you wish to help you better visualize the market flow of the currency.


Best Forex Scalping Strategy for MT4 - Lance Corporal - The Forex Army

Bronze Ranks

These ranks are for new recruits who are still on demo accounts and are learning the ropes of the TFA Sniper

How does it work?

As long as you're on a demo account, you will remain with a bronze Recruit rank as you prepare yourself for your Live account.

The Forex Army - Silver Ranks

Silver Ranks

These ranks are for soldiers who have passed The Bootcamp and been cleared to use the TFA Sniper on their live accounts.

How does it work?

Completing The Bootcamp only means you're familiar with how the TFA Sniper works, but it doesn't mean you know how to use it yet. Prove your profitability and you'll be awarded the silver rank.

Gold Ranks

These rare ranks are for Commanders and the very top performing soldiers. Respect them when you see them.

How does it work?

Be the very best and display leadership qualities. You don't volunteer for this rank, you get volunteered.


Stage 1

New recruits will get a crash course into what joining The Forex Army is about. The beliefs, values and rules we have that keep us performing as a team.

Stage 2

New recruits will get introduced to the world class TFA Sniper. You’ll learn how it amazingly fits in over 70 indicators into one small window for every currency pair – making it the most lethal indicator ever built.

Stage 3

Here you’ll learn how the in-built Trade Manager works : it intelligently helps you set your take profit levels, stop loss, scale out of positions, adjusts to breakeven and warns you when spreads are too high.

Stage 4

Here you’ll learn how to use our comprehensive auto trade journal system. You’ll learn which pairs you perform best with, which time of the day you trade best and which trading strategy fits you best.

Stage 5

Here you’ll learn the psychology of being a good trader. This is perhaps one of the most important stages and is required to be a truly profitable trader.

Stage 6

The most exciting stage. Here you’ll learn the various trading strategies we have that has bagged us an average of 3.5% daily. Compounded, that’s almost 73% returns monthly over 16 day trading days (we don’t trade on Fridays).

Earn your way to this stage.



Due to the huge popularity of the TFA Sniper, registrations are now full.

Special requests can be made below but will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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