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CMT, CFTe, CFA Certified In-House Traders

Our team constitutes of analysts and traders which are CMT, CFTe and CFA certified, previously advising the trading desks of the largest banks and hedge funds.

Profitable Trading Strategies

Short / Medium / Long Term Strategies

We have profitable trading strategies for scalpers, day and swing traders. Long term strategies are still in development.

For Novices and Pros

Our free bootcamp has beginner / intermediate / advanced stages

We have profitable trading strategies for scalpers, day and swing traders. Long term strategies are still in development.

No-Time Traders

We have automated strategies that trades while you sleep.

Our TFA Signal Table allows you to view all the trades we take on our institution account and you have the option to automatically copy them if you wish.

Part-Time Trader

Part-Time Traders

Only have a few hours a day? We got you covered with our day / swing / long term trading strategies.

As a part-time trader, you don't have much time to monitor your trades. Day / Swing and Long term trading strategies would suit you best where minimum oversight is required.

Full-Time Trader

Full-Time Traders

Trade all day every day? You'll love our scalping strategies in particular (on top of our other strategies).

As a full-time trader, you'll have more time to dedicate to trading each day which means there's one particularly profitable (but time demanding) strategy which would be available to you : Scalping.

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The Largest Brokers, Major Reputable Banks, Thousands Of People

Learn from the pros for free

Sick of attending seminars and being asked to pay $10,000 to learn how to trade?

We got your back.

We hold nothing back as we teach you how we trade profitably with our institution-grade education.

Learn from other profitable traders in The Forex Army as we grow our community to help all retail traders manage their investment portfolios better with truly high quality education.

No Time To Trade?

Not everyone has the time to learn how to trade the markets. Some people prefer to have a more hands-off approach and let robots and humans do the trading for them.

If this described you, then good news, we have the perfect solution for you:

The TFA Signal Table

Our TFA Signal Table puts institution-grade trading signals at your fingertips. Easily choose the signals you wish to copy and even let it automatically copy trades for you based on your specific criteria.

FX Signal Table

Doesn't It Get Lonely?

Sick of WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook groups discussing investments and trading?

Well, us too!

Join us in our proprietary Live Trading Room where we bring structure to the world of investment discussions. 

Using our cutting edge #hover-over# technology, we can easily communicate with each other which object/indicator/drawing we are referring to on a chart.

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