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Reputation Points (RP) & Ranks Work

Reputation Points (RP) are what you accumulate to advance from one rank to the next.

Reputation Points are gained through our live forex trading room and through completing the Bootcamp lessons and exams. The more you participate in the trading room, the more reputation points you will receive.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the reputation points awarded for each activity in the trading room:

Ranks | How far am I from my next rank?

There are a total of 19 ranks to progress from. When you first join the trading room, your rank will be set to recruit by default. As you accumulate Reputation Points (RP), you progress from one rank to the next.

Here are all 19 ranks and the RPs required to attain them at a glance:

You can monitor how many more RPs you are to your next rank through the progress bar located along the menu bar on the trading room.